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Help us create more moments of community like this. (Photo Credit: Ronnie Mae Painter)

To continue our outreach and grow our community, consider making a contribution to The Ferlinghetti Girls in the name of one of the influential women in his life:

$500 Aunt Emilie Level - Ferlinghetti’s aunt, whom he lovingly called his "French mother," took him in, and they spent his early years in France after his father died and his mother could no longer care for him.

$250 Daughter Julie Sasser- Born in 1961, Ferlinghetti wrote about her in “Julie’s Poem" and others.

$100 Giada Diano Level - Ferlinghetti’s Italian translator and biographer who co-edited his book of travel journals.

$75 Sylvia Whitman - After her father George stepped down, she took over running Shakespeare & Co., sister bookstore to City Lights and in Ferlinghetti's words was full of hope and plans.

$50 Diane di Prima Level – Her Revolutionary Letters was published by City Lights in 1971. I think the poet is the last person who is still speaking the truth when no one else dares to.

$25 Daisy Zamora Level - Ferlinghetti spent time in Nicaragua with her, and she is one of the poets he published in a City Lights anthology. She was an active fighter in the Sandinista revolution and shared her stories with him.

$15 Ingeborg Bachmann Level - a poet who lived in Rome where they met up. Ferlinghetti notes, a strange, hungry creature she was.

$10 Janine Pommy Vega - Beat poet whose first book, Poems to Fernando, was published by City Lights in 1968: Thousands of fires flare up, go out. We light our straw on the stones.

$5 Pleiades Level - Ferlinghetti’s journal entry: I dream I am making a book cover of the story of my life, and dream the square open frame of stars as the cover,..the Pleiades...

Or name your own Ferlinghetti Girl and your amount.

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