Voci Del Mare:
Giving Mermaids Back Their Voice

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Gabriella, Paola, and Phyllis at Coney's Mermaid Parade (Photo Credit: Ronnie Mae Painter)

At the 40th Mermaid Parade, the Ferlinghetti Girls invited participants to help flip the tale. Instead of the helpless mermaid in Anderson and Disney, we dove into goddess power to empower the mermaid in the story and the local mermaids. We posed questions on clamshells: 1.Your mind enchants. Tell us how. 2. You have healing powers, how do you use them? 3. Reclaim your voice. Speak the truth. 4. With the swish of your tail, you change the world, how?

A tiny mermaid speaks out for better education. (Photo Credit: Ronnie Mae Painter)

To inspire visions, we created a poem, "Flip the Tale."

"Flip the Tale" Group Poem/Collage by The Ferlinghetti Girls.

Clam Row: The mermaids speak.