Project Dove Sta Amore

Project Dove Sta Amore (Where Lies Love?) is inspired by Ferlinghetti's poem by the same name. From our stage (a Coney Island Boardwalk bench) we embrace our theme and recite our own love poems as well as Ferlinghetti’s for passersby—cyclists, couples, families, residents—and invite call and response participation.

We ask and document answers to his question: where lies love in your life? Written on paper hearts and pinned to a clothesline strung between benches, these dozens of responses are compiled and displayed. Additionally, we continue to craft “Here Lies Love,” a group poem that celebrates our city’s energy and reemergence after long isolation.

Read the poem below.

We'd love to hear from you! Share a few words or sentences about where you find love in your life and email them to:

Family with hearts (Photo Credit: Ronnie Mae Painter)

Here Lies Love

After Ferlinghetti

Dove sta amore?

in Coney Island, always

Here lies love

for those we’ve lost

in the sky of my mother

Where lies love?

in love for all, in poetry,

poetry: the other bread of life

Dove sta amore?

in a smile

spreading love

the Brooklyn way

bellezza, amore, verita

con la mia bellisima bella

Dove sta amore?

in my loving mother

my two brothers

Grandmom and Pop

Where lies love?

in open hearts

in chosen family

Dove sta amore?

here lies love: in kindness

in nature, bird song,

from concrete the rose

that grows stronger than iron

Dove sta amore?

Loves lies in conversation

in imagination

find it in yourself

Dove sta amore?

In the home

Love is home

Just be home


in Coney Island

here lies love

seasalt love

hotdog love

lifeguard and

merry-go round

love under the boardwalk


Found poem based on responses gathered by The Ferlinghetti Girls, Coney Island, April 10, 2021

Another heart filled (Photo Credit: Ronnie Mae Painter)

Our youngest participant shares his heart (Photo Credit: Ronnie Mae Painter)